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Thank you for taking the time to view our website. Nexx Sports started life as a small sideline for one keen biker enthusiast importing and selling biker gloves to his local biker club back in 2006 and has steadily grown in size and reputation offering unique factory-direct made to order custom leathers, race replica leathers and a select range of biker gloves. riding gear uk, ladies motorcycle jackets uk, motorbike leather suits uk, motorbike gear uk, motorbike jackets uk, motorcycle gear uk, motorcycle clothing Manchester, womens leather jackets uk, vintage style dresses uk, cheap motorbike gear uk, Please find us on Facebook.

ladies leather jackets ukMaking Quality Leather Goods

The superior quality of construction in a leather jacket shows through the attention to detail that is given by the artisan who is dedicated to producing a high-end product communicating the sense of timeless beauty. Overland works with the top leather tanneries and manufacturers of the world, and we pride ourselves on delivering the very best.

We do good not fast

Our objective is to make lovely things and that takes time. Nearly everything we make is made specifically for the company or person who ordered it. Our leathers and fittings tend to come from our manufacturers. Quality check our incoming materials and the work we do ourselves quite aggressively.

We are perfectionists who do not believe in perfection

We strongly believe that our manufacturer experience involves the desire to make the very best object that you can - a perfect manufactured object. Inherently everything made by a human is flawed but our culture is to keep refining and improving our work over time within an ethos of continuous improvement. We have to see, recognize and dislike our faults, however small, and work to improve them. Perfection is by definition un-achievable but should nevertheless still be worked towards.

We love what we do and what we make ladies leather jackets uk

Nexx have become more and more focused on our core values of making the very best stuff we can and we’ve been able to use our growth to help source even more lovely materials, tools and developing our own style and techniques. We love what we make.

Nexx Sports proud of and stand behind our products

This follows on from the point before. We exist to make lovely things and we do and for it to have a long and productive life with you. If you need us for any reason you only have to get in touch.

We select leather on Five key qualities:

  • Color
  • Richness
  • Grain
  • Grade
  • Overall quality of leather
Only the finest hides of leather are chosen to manufacture our Leather Garments. Genuine vegetable tanned and chrome leather derives from the best local tanneries. Long history and knowledge of leather production guarantees the highest quality of our Leather Garments that perfectly combine tradition and innovation. We use most natural and eco-friendly type of tanning leather. The end result is a genuine and lush appearance, and best of all, it ages beautifully. No heavy metals or toxic substances are included in the tanning process of leather. We use only the finest full- grain Cow, Sheep, Goat., Buffalo leather to Manufacturing the Leather Jackets.

Pakistan ladies leather jackets uk

The leather industry of Pakistan is the second biggest export-oriented industry in the manufacturing sector and is third in its contribution towards the overall exports of Pakistan.The leather industry’s core products in Pakistan are leather jackets, leather gloves, leather bags, leather garments, tanned leather and footwear.

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